A) Creating employees

Create a new employee

  1. To create an employee (as well as manage employees), you have to go under the “Employees” menu;
  2. Click on the green button “Add employee”.

See this video for a quick overview.

B) Personalize the employee profile

  • First name : Required;
  • Last name : Required;
  • Employee number : Optional unique identifier;
  • Email : Required to invite employees to Agendrix if no cell phone number;
  • Street address and birth date : Optional;
  • Phone number : Required to invite employees to Agendrix if no email.
  • Date of hire : Optional information but can be interesting if you desire to filter employees by seniority.

Additional information and user role

Optional area for specific information you want to keep on the employee.

C) Roles and Positions 

Area where you will determine location(s), the position(s) and the role of the employee.


  • Select an existing position by clicking in the box and choose from the list;
  • Create a new position by clicking in the box and typing out the position + enter;

Can see the full schedule of his coworkers

Segment that lets you personalize who’s schedule the employee can consult.

Hourly rate

If an employee has more than one position it is possible to instantiate one hourly rate per position.

Only managers and administrators can see hourly rate information.

When everything seems good, press the green button Save. You can modify this information at anytime post-creation.

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