A) Schedule

Menu where you will create your employees’ schedule and know your labor costs.

B) Employees

Menu where you can manage your employees profils & access.

  • All : The list of all your connected and unconnected employees. From this section, you can create / view / edit employees’ profiles. This is also the number of billed employees.

  • Invitations : To invite non-connected employees to join the organization.

  • Archived : To view and / or reactivate inactive employee profiles. Archiving employees allows to save on monthly fees. It is useful is employees leave for several months (sick leave, maternity leave, seasonal employees, etc.).

C) Requests

Menu where it is possible to manage all employee requests.

  • Time off : Accept or decline every time off request;

  • Availability : Accept or decline recurrent weekly availabilities submitted by employees;

  • Shift transfers : Accept or decline shift transfers between employees.

Open shifts : Open shifts that have not yet been assigned to an employee (see this article for more information on open shifts).

D) Messenger

First communication channel in Agendrix. Used to direct message an employee or another manager or create a realtime group chat!

E) News Feed

Second communication channel in Agendrix. Used to create threads to some or all employees. Useful for announcements or internal policies.

F) Time and Attendance

Pro plan element where it is possible to consult all time entries from all pay periods for all employees. This is also where you will be creating Fixed Terminals to let employees clock in/out and export payroll.

G) Ressources

Complementary add-on that gives the opportunity to manage and assign work material as well as work locations to shifts in the schedule.

Note : Work locations let employees use geo-fenced clocking at those locations.

H) Reports

Menu where all reporting is done. There are reports for scheduling as well as time and attendance and related to ressources.

Note : All information can be segmented by position, location and personalized periods.

I) Settings

The settings menu gives access to all organisation based settings. Only administrators have access to these.

J) Billing

As it is for the settings, only administrators have access to the billing. This tab lets you take care of what plans you have activated in Agendrix as well as the billing details.

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