A) Schedule

Where to create your employee's schedules and take a look at the labor costs.

B) Time and Attendance

Pro Plan menu that allows you to save/correct your employees' timesheets according to the settings already in place, to export payrolls and to manage fixed terminals as well as time banks.


This menu has a couple sub menus


Where to manage profiles, invite employees and change their access.

High Fives

Send high fives to work colleagues!


Send surveys to your employees (HR+ plan)


Create an onboarding flow for your new employees!

People data

Choose what data is available under your employee profiles (and filled out during onboarding)

D) Requests

Allows you to manage all your employee's requests. There are 4 categories:

E) Messenger

Communication channel that allows you to message a user privately or start a real time group chat. More to discover in this article!

F) News Feed

Communication channel where you can create threads and find out if employees have read them. Useful for announcements or internal policies!

G) Reports

Allows you to export many planned and actual data, as well as those related to employees and resources if necessary.

You will need to chose your report category once on this page.

N.B.: All information can be segmented by position, location and personalized period.

F) Ressources

Complementary menu that allows to manage and assign workplaces or equipment to work shifts and to use geolocated clocking from Agendrix mobile application.

I) Billing

Lets you take care of what plans you have activated in Agendrix as well as the billing details. Here's how to activate my subscription!

N.B. : Only administrators have access to these.

J) Settings

Gives access to all organisation based settings.

N.B. : Only administrators have access to these.

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