To keep track of employee's clocked hours in Agendrix, approving time sheets and exporting payroll in 1-click.

How to get started

To get started using the pro plan, you can ask us to activate it (blue arrow) or simply activate it via the associated page in Agendrix (pink arrows).

You will always have a two week free trial on activation.

How it works

The following video will give you a good overview on how it works!

Step 1 - Set it up

On activation you will have to set up some initial settings. You can do it yourself or arrange a meeting with one of our experts for help!

Step 2 - Use it!

Once are in place, employees can start clocking their hours. The only thing left to do if approving hours and exporting payroll.

Note: If you decide to use the fixed terminal, see here how to set it up!

You are now ready to use our pro plan! Please note that we are always available for any questions.


We also have a couple payroll integrations. Be using them, it  would be possible to import all worked hours into your payroll system. See the following articles on our available integrations :

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